About Us


O & O Procurement Services is a concierge shopping company focused on getting value for our customers. We assist in getting the best quality product at the most affordable prices with no hassle or wahala. 
We shop from almost any store in the US (and UK) as well as large order procurement form India and China. We assist you in all aspects from sourcing, confirmation, payment, shipping, clearing and delivery you just call us and wait for your product with absolute peace of mind. 
We have been in business since 2009 and with over 2,000 customers served; we have the experience and resources to satisfy your procurement needs. 
We also pass the savings we find back to our customers; that is why we stock a select set of items for local pickup or delivery. Any item found on our website can be delivered same day (in Lagos) and within 3 days anywhere in Nigeria.
Don’t for get to check out our items procured gallery for inspiration.