LaserPecker 2 Laser Engraver, Engraving Machine Handheld


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    Other laser machine laser power is 10W even higher, why LaserPecker 2 is only 5W?

    The power of LaserPecker 2 is 60W, the laser output power is 5W, the actual engraving effect can be the same as of the ordinary 15W laser output machine.

    Can the LaserPecker 2 engrave metal?

    Yes. LP2 can engrave Oxidized Aluminum Alloys, Coated Metals, 304 Stainless Steel; It cannot engrave pure metals such as copper ot gold. Need to engrave pure metal please wait for LP3.

    How to engrave glass and metal?

    — Brushed surface can be engraved directly;

    — Transparent and reflective surfaces such as glass must use black laser marking spray before engraving.

    Can LaserPecker 2 also cut?

    Yes, LaserPecker 2 can cut wood board, paper, leather less than 5mm (0.2 inches) thick. Please set the pass times to 3 in APP, do not make the cut all at once, as that may burn the edges of the material and affect the effect.

    laser engraver


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